Saturday, February 2, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday Goldfish Plant (Nematanthus)

For Green Thumb Sunday I am going to post some pictures of my Goldfish plant (Nematanthus). I am not sure which cultivar it is, but the foliage on this one is just so pretty. The leaves are so plump and so glossy, and such a wonderful dark green color.

Even the undersides of the leaves are gorgeous on this plant. They have deep red undertones that blend nicely with the flower's calyx.

Because these plants need quite high levels of light, I have mine under a 4ooW MH. I have to say that it loves it under this light. It grows nicely compact, unlike some of my other ones that have gotten a bit leggy even under fluorescents and bright windows. I am thinking that the higher light levels are also causing it to go into bloom. Some of the buds are quite visible, while others are just starting to show. I have seen a few flowers over time with my various Nematanthus plants, but I have not seen them covered in blooms yet. Just the odd flower here and there. So I am hoping that by keeping it under the HID lights, I might get a show .

These next couple pics are more like collages of the different parts on my plant. I had to squish a few of the nicer pics into the collages or this post would have been close to 20 Clicking in these pics will enlarge them greatly, if anyone is interested in the details.

I just love every part of this plant, it is such a stunning plant. It will be an absolute treat to see it in full bloom.

They are fairly easy to find plants, at least some cultivars are. I plan on hunting down some more rare varieties when the weather warms up. They like higher lights levels, and they drink quite a bit of water. This one pictured in this post is in a 6 inch pot, but most of my other ones are in 4 inch pots. I don't seem to have many problems with it at all, other than the odd leaf yellowing and dropping off. I have not had to deal with any pests on it yet **knock on wood**.

I would highly recommend this plant to any grower. It is quite easy to care for, and it is just beautiful all year round.

Happy Green Thumb Sunday!!

Can't wait to see everyone else's GTS posts


No Rain said...

This is a very pretty plant. I love the fat glossy leaves with the red underneath. This is the first I've read about it, but it does look familiar. I'll have to look for it the next time I visit the nursery. Happy GTS,

WiseAcre said...

It is an interesting plant. I like the plump glossy leaves and the underside color makes it even better.

fluorescents - I've used them as grow lights and they work well even with the original fluorescent tubes as long as you keep them no higher than 3 - 4 inches from the top of the plant. Shop lights are ugly but they do the trick.