Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Cactus More Buds & Crazy Hoya

It felt like a little tiny piece of my Thanksgiving cactus slapped me in the face....lol. I have seven of these guys in various places of my home, all growing nicely. My daughter came to me yesterday and said "Oh, by the way, my Thanksgiving cactus is getting flowers again." WHAT!! So off I go, camera in hand, and sure enough....buds. **Slap** WTF?? So now I am mad at all my other plants (only Thanksgiving cacti), because they don't have any buds, not even signs of buds. So I did what was necessary and sent them to her room.

Must be some magic happening in her room......although I am pretty positive it is just because my plants don't get the 12 hours uninterrupted darkness that I am sure her plants get. I have fluorescent lights in my plant area, and since they aren't on a timer, and since my plants are just off the dining room / kitchen area (high traffic 20 hours of the day), they don't get the same dark treatment as her room. Bad news for her....lol, since that means I have to send more plants up there, and she already complains that she has too many plants. How can anyone ever have too many plants? I just don't understand this concept....lol.

My hubby was taking pictures the other day of some of our plants, and as I was looking through them last night, I noticed the cutest little sight. In the back of the room, where the extension cord runs up the wall, my hoya has decided to use it to climb. It is just amazing how these plants will twine and climb onto anything they can get their vines onto.

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