Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In your face.....dAmN Lacunosa

My Hoya lacunosa is now up to 3 peduncles, as the pic shows. The peduncle on the left keeps getting buds, then dropping them off (normally right about this size too), the peduncle in the middle is only a couple weeks old, so this is the first time I have seen buds on it, and the one on the left was just discovered today, it is barely a cm long. It has teased and taunted me for months, but now it has competition......haha Lacunosa.

I noticed my Hoya nummularioides has 2 new peduncles today. These peduncles sure can develop fast. I swear I looked at it a couple days ago and there was nothing. Mine is a fairly small plant still, but this is one hoya that is said to flower very early, even as a cutting. It isn't normally considered one that is difficult to get flowers on. For more in depth info, here is a great link (why repeat the same things many others more skilled than myself have said). It grows about a foot from an eastern window, but it always gets fluorescent light as well.

AND, can you believe it, I was checking all my plants under my humidity dome, and I have the teeniest tiniest dixie cup of a Hoya serpens, and it HAS peduncles. I almost sh*t right All you plant lovers know the feeling.....admit it. This is a hoya that is said to be pickier and more prissy than some of the other hoya's. I haven't ever grown it out of the humidity dome, and since I haven't had a trace of rot yet on it, I am definitely leaving it in there. I wouldn't say it gets any sunlight, only fluorescent lights (maybe indirect sun, but not much). So like they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. Again for more info, go here.

The Hoya serpens has got the tiniest peduncles I have ever seen. I am pretty sure they will grow larger, but right now they are tiny, I tried the tape measure thing in the above pic, if anyone can see The peduncle itself is about a half cm long, which means those little developing leaves in the pic below are about the size of say a lower case letter in this post. **I still can't get over the shots my new cam takes (I have to admit I love the photography aspect of having a blog as well**

There is one more hoya left that I noticed had new peduncles. My Hoya bella.....which is another hoya that tends to be fussier than the others. I will admit to having many problems with this one. I might have the watering almost right now, but so far I have found that when I water, it tends to get a few yellow leaves that fall off. You can read more about this hoya here. Fussy or not, it has a couple new peduncles forming, so it must be somewhat happy.....or near (some plants will flower right before they are about to die, in hopes to procreate).

I am just sitting here laughing at myself because I am really excited about all these peduncles. Almost giddy, Not too many of my Hoya's have flowered yet, so I can't wait to see any of them flower!! Okay, I think my heart rate is starting to slow down now, I just had to share the

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