Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stunning AV Flower & Red Philo Odd Occurence

My "cupped" African Violet finally opened a flower. I don't think any of my AV's are this pretty, maybe it is just the thrill of the unknown, but WOW, this one almost took my breath away.

It is just so perfect in every way. The purple is bright, and full of sparkles. The white star in the middle is such a perfect star shape. And the pollen sacks form a perfect circle. I have never seen such a perfect arrangement of pollen sacks on any of my AV's.

This is the AV with the weird cup shaped leaves I mentioned in a previous post, and I just love it. I am definitely going to take a couple leaves from this one, and make babies to give away.

I went back tonight to try and get some more shots of this perfect flower, and the petals had started to close. This is another trait I have never seen in any of my AV's. I tried googling it, because I am sure I read somewhere that a few of them do this, but of course, I came up with nothing. It has been a few hours and the flower still has not closed up completely, but it has closed considerably since nightfall. I can't wait to see if it re opens in the morning. If anyone can find info about this particular trait in AV's, please send me a link. I would love to read more about it.

On a final note, I had to mention something I have not seen yet with my philodendrons. It could be that I just don't know as much about them as my other "more loved" plants, and it is a common occurrence, but still, it is new to me.

This philo is much like the "Autumn" cultivar, just a large red philo, that normally throws out a leaf from the central stalk. Not much to talk about, but the other day I noticed that in addition to it's "new" leaf, it has grown a whole new leaf or maybe a branch. Not sure which it is, since it is only "there", and if it is a leaf it has not opened. The point is there is two growth points now, where I have only normally seen one. I have never seen this before, so if there are any philo lovers out there that can tell me about this, again, please leave a link or the info.


mr_subjunctive said...

Could it be flowering? I've never seen or heard of one of the self-heading types spontaneously branching, but the 'Moonlight's in the greenhouse at work have been flowering for weeks now. Just a thought.

I know these Philodendrons will sprout from dormant nodes if the regular growing tip is taken off, though it takes forever: one of ours was beheaded and, after an agonizing wait, has decided to hedge its bets by starting three growing tips at once. It doesn't seem likely that they would do that while everything's going normally, though.

The only other possible explanation that comes to my mind is, sometimes the sheathes that cover developing leaves, when the leaf finally emerges, kind of look like a new curled-up leaf.

Any of those strike you as a maybe?

Tracy said...

I am going to edit the post and add another pic......I am not sure what is happening. It is under a 400W HID light, so flowering is a possibility, but I don't know what this looks like either. None of the growth tips have been broken either. It has just sat around putting out leaves for a few months, then this.

mr_subjunctive said...

Yeah, I think that's a flower. I had planned on posting a random plant event about the 'Moonlight' philos blooming tomorrow anyway, so check those pictures out and see if you agree.

Tracy said...

Well that would be cool, I will check yours out in the morn (it's a daily ritual....lol.) I hope that is what it is, thanks for your help.....I'll post what happens.