Wednesday, August 20, 2008

African Violet Flowers Slide Show

This slide show thing has got me fascinated, I remember doing this in college with power point, and it could get pretty tricky trying to learn all the bells and whistles of the program. Nowadays, it is just too easy.

This slide show is all African Violet Flowers from my newly destroyed collection. I may never see these ones bloom again.....unless I got a leaf before they all rotted and babies spring for me. Enjoy!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

CopyCat slideshow

Ya, Ya....I am a copycat. I have nothing blooming or really happening, but while blog reading today, I came across this post, and absolutely loved the sideshow, so I had to do my own. Mine is different in the sense that I did a puzzle sort of slide show, so it makes for a bit of a guessing game.

Look for an AV slide show in the days to come too, I just can't resist.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I didn't know they existed........miniature vases

I had always thought it was a good idea......but I had no idea someone actually thought of it. For some time I have used small votive candle holders for smaller type flowers with short stems, or even for a small flower or two. But even then, a votive candle holder didn't always work.

Today, while browsing through quite a nice store with of the neater knick knacks of the world, I found these; one and a half inch miniature vases. The pic doesn't give these half the justice they deserve, but let me tell you, I went to buy one, and then thought, geez, I really should get two.

They really are the coolest little knick knacks I have seen for indoor plant fanatics in a long time. I have always wanted small mini vases, for say the odd African Violet flower you want to show off, or the odd short stemmed flower you want to pick outside. Not only are they a perfect size, but since they are vase like at the top, they keep the small flowers centered, and in a bouquet-esque bunch.

I am so happy to have found them, and I couldn't wait to show them off to people that would actually appreciate them.......the family I was with at the time, thought I was nuts, like they always do when I talk plants.