Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hoyas blooming in July

I have never had so many hoya's in bloom at the same time before. It must be the maritime My lacunosa is in constant bloom......walking by it at night is so nice since it fills the air with a lilac scent. My carnosa, that had no peduncles when i brought it here, now has at least six peduncles all bearing flowers at some time or another. This one hangs at my back door, and fills the air with a chocolately aroma.

My hoya meliflua (name I received it as) has finally bloomed. It's been a couple years since I received it, and since then it has grown quite nicely. It needs a bit more space than most of my hoya's.....and loves to tangle its four foot vines around almost anything.

A first time bloomer for me is my hoya parviflora.....i expected a bit more from this hoya, thinking the flowers were bigger than what they are. They are smaller than my lacunosa, making it very difficult to photograph. It has a nice floral scent.

My hoya heutchkeliana is also blooming. This is a cute little one with pink urn shaped flowers that smell just like buttered popcorn.