Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dAmN mEaLy bUgS! & Yellow Datura's

Damn I hate these things. They make my skin crawl, and it grosses me out to no end when I see them. Really, what is their purpose? Do they really need to be part of the food chain? Would the world collapse without them? Can they at least stay off MY plants? Especially the Hoya's?!?

I took it as a photo opportunity, and grabbed a couple pics. If you really want to see them up close and personal.....then click on the pics, either way they are still gross. Then I promptly did the q-tip dipped in alcohol thing. The alcohol just kind of melted the mealy away until it was a wee blob of brown. And of course every other mealy bug ran and hid away, because I can't find another. Now I will be on Mealy watch for a week. GROSS!!

On a better note.....Double Yellow Datura's. Found some seeds today. I am going to have the best flowers for miles


mr_subjunctive said...

Damn, that sucks. I hope you have some imidacloprid granules or something. They do work wonders.

Tracy said...

I have been looking into systemics and I think I am going to go that route. Normally I use Safer's End All, which works goods, but I want something that will make them never want to return.....unwelcome little Ba$tard$.

No Rain said...

I planted some Sacred Datura in the fall, and I think I've probably pulled all them up along with the weeds. They look so similar to several weeds that are prevalent after January rains. Either that, or they just didn't come up!

Wicked Gardener said...

I hate mealy bugs - they took my first plant, one I received as a cutting and kept thru college. Damn pests!