Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hoya Tsangii (ds-70) Hoya Australis & Hoya Heuschkeliana

Spring is just around the corner......the plants seem like they might be starting to wake up.

Some of my Hoya's are starting to grow again after doing nothing for the past few months. Tsangii (ds-70), pictured above has not grown in months, just kind of stayed dormant. This one has cute little flowers as well. Pic can be seen here

My Hoya australis, pictured above, is starting to grow too. This one has leaves that start off red then gradually fade to green. I only noticed this one growing because the vine starting searching for something to cling on. There are quite a few cultivars for this, and I am not 100% sure which one it is. The flowers are similar. Go here to see a pic of these flowers.

My Hoya heuschkeliana hasn't done much over the winter either. It lost a few leaves, but not it too is starting to throw out new growth. The flowers on this one are so beautiful. They are little pink almost urn shaped flowers. The flowers are pictured here

I just love that the days are getting longer, and all my plants are soon going to take off and finally put on some decent growth.

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