Friday, February 15, 2008


So thinking I was buying Brugmansia seeds, I ended up with Datura seeds. Same Family, same idea, but not quite the same. Both have the trumpet shaped flowers I want, only a Brugs faces down and a Dutura's faces up. A Brug is more of a large shrub or tree, whereas a Datura is grown more as an annual. Thanks to the wonderful people in the Brug forum over at GardenWeb for correcting me on this. Here are a couple links that explain it a lot better.

So of course now I need to find a Brug, but for now, the Datura is going to flower. The Datura doesn't need to "Y" before it flowers like the brug does, but mine has formed the "Y", and along with it, some buds.

So I am still very excited. It has only been about six months since I planted them, but now realizing they are an annual, I am thinking I should plant a few more seeds, and treat them as annuals outside this summer. I have a couple neighbors and friends that would appreciate them, so I think I will go ahead and sow some more.

Being Datura's, these can breed true from seed, unlike Brugmansia. So I will see my "double purple" flowers that I wanted.

(Photo courtesy of Mountain Meadow Seeds
not necessarily the same one I have)

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