Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hoya Pubicalyx & a Hoya pet peeve

The pic below is a picture of my Hoya pubicalyx. Again I am not sure about which pubicalyx it is, but I will be able to identify it one day when it flowers. I would love for it to be the "Red Buttons" cultivar, but "Pink Silver" is more popular, and this one does not have foliage that reddens. I can't wait to see this hoya take over and cover the bamboo hoop.

Onto my Hoya pet peeves. Hoya's develop aerial roots, and these aerial roots look like mealy bugs or scale. This is turn makes me even more paranoid when it comes to pests.

In the pic below the spots look more scale, rather the mealy bug.

I took this pic and I never altered the picture below and by complete fluke, there was an image of a deer . Of course I only saw the deer once I was positive the two white bumps were not mealy bugs.


No Rain said...

On first glance, I thought it looked like a praying mantid. On second glance, it looked like a gazelle. On third glance it looked like.....oh well, enought of that! Interesting.

Sandy said...

Hi Tracy,....thanks for visiting my blog and I will add your blog link to mine too....nice looking pubicalyx you have growing...hopefully it will bloom for you soon :)