Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hoya's Lacunosa, Curtisii & Nummularioides

I just can't win with my Hoya lacunosa. I have had one peduncle for months, and it forms buds, then drops them before it even gets close to flowering. The peduncle on the right is the one that keeps dropping it's buds. Hoya peduncles are like trees in a sense. They leave a ring after a flowering cycle (well trees don't grow rings after they flower, but they do grow rings every year of their life, which can be used to determine how old the tree is). So as you can see in the pic, the peduncle on the right looks like it has flowered four or five times, when in actuality, it never has.

So to mock me even more, my Hoya lacunosa decided to grow a new peduncle. The new peduncle is the one on the left. It also has little buds forming, although I am really doubting it is going to actually show me flowers. I can't wait to see flowers though, they are so cute, and I have heard they smell spectacular.

My Hoya nummularioides hsa started to grow again, and even though we still only have about 13 hours of daylight the new leaves are larger than the old ones. I would almost blame it on artificial lighting,, except it has always been under fluorescents supplemented by an East window. I think this is such a beautiful plant. The leaves are fuzzy (pubescent) and they are also tear shaped. I haven't seen mine flower (what else is new?), but it has beautiful flowers.

I got a small cutting of a Hoya curtisii from a nursery a few weeks ago, but being so small, I decided not to stick the bottom in potting mix, but rather lay the hoya out across the soil. This has worked well, as almost every node has rooted into the soil, and already it is putting out new growth. The leaves on this Hoya are very small (slightly larger than a pea), and they are speckled with gray. The older leaves are quite plump. I like this Hoya more for the foliage than the flowers, as I do not find the flowers really pretty, like some of the other Hoya's I have.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a bloom out of these guys?
I had some curtsii cuttings. It didn't work out so well between us.