Friday, January 25, 2008

Azalea Issues

I think Azalea's are beautiful. I could easily fill my house with them. They come in so many different colors now, much like roses do. I only have a couple; a white one, and a pink and white one. Now the reason I don't fill my house with them.....they need a cold period to induce flowering. I am not sure how hardy the ones I have are, but I really don't think they can handle -30 Celsius. I am planning to put it outside once the winter becomes bit milder. I really don't want buy anymore until I am sure I can re flower them.

My white Azalea took nearly 4 months after it flowered to show signs of life. Now it is growing, so I really hope I can re flower it. The one problem I do have with my pink and white Azalea is that it wilts on parts of the plant. The above pic is of some healthy growth, whereas the bottom pic shows the wilting/drooping that I have encountered. I am not sure what this is caused from, but I really would like to know. I do know Azaleas like to be kept on the wet side, more so than other plants. They are also heavier feeders than other plants as well. I try to keep it slightly wetter than my other plants, and I fertilize it lightly every couple of waterings. One quick note about Azalea's that I have come to find out is that if you plan on pruning it, you should do it soon after it flowers, as the new flowers are born from last years growth. Prune it too late and you will cut off the parts where the new flowers will emerge.

I am going to have do some googling and read up some more about Azalea's. First to see how hardy they are, and to also try and figure out what is causing the wilting on some parts. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Someone out there must be growing Azalea's and having success with them. I can't call my self successful with this plant just yet.....not until I can reflower it.

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