Friday, January 25, 2008

A Challenge to my Hubby "A Hint of Color" Azalea Picture Black & White

This challenge is in reference to a previous post a couple days ago. This pic he was trying to "create" was a huge ordeal in my house. It first started when he asked me to do this for him in Photo shop. I am a novice when it comes to Photo shop, but I can navigate and play around with it. He can navigate it, but really can't even play. It is quite the program, and it can take hours to do the smallest task. One day I will take a course in this program because it really can do amazing things.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. So me trying to "create" this pic for him has turned into him barking out ways to do it whilst standing over my shoulder, yet he can not even understand some of things I am doing. I admit it took some thinking. It is a high resolution picture, therefore anything I do to it can change it's quality. Notice it is a side by side of two different pictures. And one requires the pic to be zoomed in upon. Being a high resolution pic, and wanting to keep the resolution, so that when the pic is clicked upon, one can enlarge it, and still keep detail and reduce graininess. Here are the two pictures we wanted to use and combine them to make a side by side.

Well I ended up getting fuming mad and frustrated and told him to leave the room after about 30 minutes of trying with him right behind me, and let me do it in peace. I did it in about ten minutes, nothing spectacular, just the task on hand. Needless to say I can't find my copy of the pic, only his.

Well he couldn't beleive what he was seeing me do in Photoshop, why would a program be so difficult with changing numbers (image size, pixels, know, all those numbers), and resizing, and basically everything I was doing. Remember I am a novice too, so I may be doing the long way, but it works for me. He piped up "pft, I can do that way easier than what you did". He took used Microsoft pic & fax viewer, zoomed in, took screen shots, pasted them into word pad, then pasted them into Photo shop ( after he realized you could paste) and then did some adjustments from there. I don't remember how long it took, not much longer than me, but it wasnt a race so it doesn't matter. Here is the pic he came up with. Mine was much the same.

Well one a different note, he is a Linux nut, so he says to me "I bet you I can do everything you do in Photo shop, except use GIMP (a Linux based PS), and look just as good."

Bring it on Baby!!

Here is the pic I have created. I will transfer the same pic I used to start with, same size, same pixels to his computer. When he is done, I will post his creation, and my creation, and see what happens.

This is going to be so fun!!!

And to further extend the challenge, here is a second pic offered . Again I will send the one original photo I used to create this.


Mark said...

I think it was terrible that you threw him out, he was just trying to help with his superior knowledge...ahh well

Tracy said...

We don't need any more fuel added to this fire....LMAO. He like ur comments.