Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hoya Curtisii, Wandering Jew & Dream African Violets

Most of my plants that are in my windows have slowed in growth considerably, but the ones under lights have continued to grow. I had my small Hoya Curtisii cutting on the window sill but since it was doing nothing, I moved it under my lights. It has been under my lights for a couple weeks now, and since it was moved, it has begun to put on some new growth. Ever since my Hoya obsession has begun, I have been amazed with how the leaves grow. They emerge so tiny and grow until they reach their final size, unlike other plants where the leaf develops first, then emerges.

Even though many of my plants are looking kind of scraggly and leggy, I am still amazed at how my Wandering Jews pull through. They always provide color amongst the green. Looking at them earlier today, I noticed how they seem to just sparkle. I have a green Wandering Jew as well, although it doesn't sparkle like the purple one. These plants grow like weeds, and other than over watering them, they are virtually indestructible.

Again, here are some "in my dreams" flowers. If only someone could figure out how to genetically manipulate African Violets to create the ones that we can't seem to the bright yellows, greens and oranges. Over the past few years, yellow AV's have begun to show up, although they are quite light. Green ones have also begun to show up, and I must admit they are pretty cool looking. I had purchased a couple leaves from ebay that should have bloomed green, but they died quite quickly. Normallly I don't have a problem laying leaves from AV's, but I am guessing that since these are the only ones I have ever purchased, they were doomed from the

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