Thursday, January 3, 2008

Comparing Longicaulis & "Black Pagoda" (Aeschynanthus)

After all the confusion with my Aeschynanthus Longicaulis, I think I have finally found the "true" Black Pagoda. Black Pagoda is supposed to be a cross between speciosa and longicaulis, with the flowers of speciosa, and similar foliage to the Logicaulis. In the pic below both plants are side by side, the one on the right being the one I believe to be the Black Pagoda cultivar.

This is a pic of the "Black Pagoda". It had one flower that was nearly open, but I am guessing because it is a new cutting, the bud fell off. I doubted it to be the Black Pagoda because the flower itself was green, more like the longicaulis, and the flowers on the speciosa are orange and red. But looking through different pics on the web, check the speciosa link above, the flowers begin as that greenish colour, like the ones in the pic, but open to be orange and red. I am conviced that had the flowers opened, they had the potential to look like the speciosa. So I am almost positive the is the true Black Pagoda.

My longicaulis is in full bloom now, but like I have said before the flowers are not very noticeable. They don't stand out like most plants, because they blend in with foliage. In the pic below there are almost 10 flowers showing, but yet one can hardly notice.

I had too add this pic into my post. It is a pic of one of my "String of Heats" (Ceropegia Woodii). I thought the pic looked pretty cool as I did not use the flash. The flowers are so neat on this one, and the foliage is pretty cool too. I would really like to get an extreme close up on this flower since it has very unique characteristics.

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