Sunday, January 6, 2008

Capturing the Sparkle on my Flowers

Santa was very nice to me this year, she brought me a new digital cam. Well I had just recently begun to learn how to take pretty nice shots with it, and now I have to learn on a new one. But oh Wow!! Can I ever get close, and get clear detailed pics. I can see more in the pics than I can with my own eyes on these plants.

The pic above is a close up shot of a peduncle on a hoya, the peduncle itself can't be bigger than a pencil eraser. I mean, like, whoa, I can barely see this clearly that close up.

I am so impressed that I can capture the sparkle in my African violets, Not all AV's have this much sparkle in their leaves, but I have heard that domed cells in the petal create this effect. Please don't quote me on I can not find anywhere to back this up, but I have read it somewhere in the depths of the world wide web.

I am even impressed at how true the color comes out in the pictures. This is something many gardener/photographer's have found to be a bit tricky sometimes, depending on the light you take the pic in, but so far, my colors are coming out fairly true.

This pic above is slightly blurred, but I kept it anyway since it showed some of the glitter and sparkle in this flower.

I just picked up the above AV from WM yesterday. I couldn't resist it. I don't buy many AV's from big box stores anymore since they tend to get the same types of plants in. I only buy, the really funky ones, and this one qualified. Some of the flowers are almost like chimera's, with the stripe of color. It really is a pretty one.

I have had the above AV for a while, it has gone through several bloom periods this year, but I still always love to see this one bloom. Again it has the sparkle effect. I also have a thing for the fantasy and bi color AV's.

And last but not least, this is not an AV, it is an azalea. I just love the markings on this one, and I am going close up crazy with the new cam.


Julie said...

Oh I know you are loving that new cam!!! How cool is that. Love the sparkle in your AV's!!! That is awesome!!!

Tracy said...

Wow I just finished writing it when I saw I had a comment, thanks. I am loving the new cam. And with a bigger SD card, I can take so many more I am a sucker for glitter, sparkle and bi color when it comes to flowers.