Sunday, January 13, 2008

Close up pics of various plants

I absolutely love close up pictures.
I think they give a plant or flower a whole new perspective.
It almost makes me see the plant in a way that is different than just looking at the whole plant. This pic is of a Christmas cactus flower.

Again a Christmas cactus close up.

This is a picture of a new leaf on one of my hoyas.
The leaves on this one come out red, and gradually fade back to green.
The little leaf is about the size of a pea.

This one is a close up of an African Violet flower.
I am just amazed at the clarity of the little pollen sacs.

My last close up is a bare peduncle on my Hoya Compacta.
The leaves have grown around it, giving it a cool appearance.


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mr_subjunctive said...

The spammers are getting a lot friendlier, eh? (Even a little bit forward: I don't usually hug people I'm meeting for the first time. . . .) I believe I had the same comment, word-for-word, on my blog a few days ago.