Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jade cuttings

I like Jades (Crassula), and there are more varieties out there than I knew about. I have had the regular type, crassula ovata fro some time now. When I got it, I split it up into a few pots, giving my daughter a couple, and leaving myself with one. Well that one got severly damaged by the frost this past fall, and it might have made it, but it slowly kept rotting away and I eventually threw it away. The other couple that my daugher has tended to are doing well. I also have the Crassula ovata "tri-color", but it quite small and just started to grow, as it is a new cutting as well. I like it, I think the variegation is quite pretty. Here is a pic of it below.

Recently I got another cutting if the tri color Crassula, as well as a couple leaves from the Crassula cultivar "gollum". This particular one is quite unique, with long almost finger like leaves. I have seen pics of this one grown as a bonsai specimen and I think they are just the coolest looking plants. A jade in flower is a really stunning thing to see.

The "secret" I guess to cacti and succulent cuttings is to let them callous over and then plant them in dry potting mix. They are quite susceptible to root rot, thus the reason to let them callous over first. Well, I have not succeeded in this callousing over thing, and only have success by just laying the cuttings on top of some moist potting mix. I find my cuttings go soft and mushy before they even have a chance to callous over. My first tri color cutting was left out to callous over, and once it started wilting I laid it on some potting mix, and it rooted quite quickly. So I will stick to this method, even though it is not the "recommended" method.

I really hope the cuttings root, especially the "gollum" cultivar. As soon as I see roots, the camera will be out and I will take some pics.


No Rain said...

I guess you should do what works. I think the callusing thing works well for hot and dry regions like mine, especially since the pots also dry out so quickly after watering. I've not had good luck with your method, probably since it is so dry here, and the cuttings need some moisture.

Tracy said...

I have not done many cacti/succulent cuttings at all just because I find them quite hard to take. I have a piece of cacti upstairs that has been laying out for just over a week.....I am going to see if it works, or went soft as well. I guess it is a good thing I have "other" favorite plants, I am not that good with cacti.