Sunday, January 6, 2008

I could''t leave the foliage out

Well I felt a little bad for all the leaves, old and new that didn't get their minute in the spotlight like the flowers did in my last My camera takes wonderful close up pics of the foliage as well. It is able to capture hairs that are near invisible to my own eyes. The pic below is a variegated AV crown.

This close up is of a new leaf growing on one of my hoya's. This leaf is really only the size of the number 8 on a keyboard (Well standard ones anyway, but who I am to say, I am typing on a pink and silver Bratz Let's just compare it to the size of a small pea or an apple

Now I am not even sure what this is. I know it is one of my episcia's, but I have never seen growth like this on any of mine before. Now I have never seen my own episcia's flower, so I am hoping this is what the beginnings of flowers look like. I can't even get close enough to get a good look with my eyes, because it is fairly small. If anyone can confirm that these are buds, please confirm for me.

This is a close up pic of my Hoya lacunosa. I swear it hates me . You can see in the pic that based on the look of this peduncle it has flowered a couple times or so, but this has not actually happened. It grows a few buds, and they never get too much past this size. I have seen them once come oh so close to blooming, but like I said this hoya hates me, and just keeps dropping it's buds on me. I think this will be the fourth of fifth time this hoya has done this on two different peduncles, The first peduncle it surprised me with didn't even get buds, the whole peduncle fell off before anything happened. It likes to tease and taunt me.

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