Friday, January 25, 2008

Hoya Pubicalyx & Christmas cactus & Hubby's moment of fame

Even though I have never seen my Hoya pubicalyx flower, it is still one of my favorite hoya's. It is one of the hoya's that shows it's climbing/twining habit quite well. Every few days I have to untangle it's long vines from other nearby plants. I hesitate to twine them around the bamboo hoop until they are nearly a foot long; this way I can twine it around the hoop and still leave 4 or five inches to continue to twine. I have found this hoya can get pretty dry between waterings. Mine has gone very very dry, and yet I have never seen it wilt or wrinkle. It sits in an East window, and seems to do quite well there. I am not sure which cultivar of hoya pubicalyx this is, but I find them all very nice. I will only be able to tell when it flowers. Here is a link to some pics of flowers from the hoya pubicalyx.

I took some cuttings of my Schlum a few weeks ago and stuck them in my humidity dome. They rooted very well in there, but a couple days ago I took it out of the humidity dome, and put them on my window sill. They seem to be a bit stressed. They have lost some of their succulence, and it is starting to wilt. I am going to keep and eye on it for the next few days, and if it does not start to recover on its own, I am going to put it back into my humidity dome. Even though it feels quite firmly rooted in it's pot, I am considering the possibility that the roots have not developed enough to support itself just yet.

I had to include this pic in my blog, even though I showed some pics of it a couple posts ago. It is my strep and my hubby and I were discussing photoshop earlier today when he asked me to "create" a pic such as this one. The left side shows a pic of the whole plant, whereas the right is an extreme close up of the top. This pic was put together by Dear Hubby, and he wanted me to post it in my blog. Here you go Honey!! (He doesn't even read my blog, but that is besides the

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