Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first Green Thumb Sunday!!

I am so excited to finally be a part of Green Thumb Sunday. I have been reading about it for weeks, and each Sunday I visit the blogs of some of those that participate......I don't know why I didn't join sooner.....fear of commitment

My first pic is of my Brugmansia that I am growing from seed. I have four seedlings on the go, but this is the healthiest one. For a while it seemed to be dropping leaves just as fast as it grew them, but it has stopped that, and is now growing quite nicely. It is far from blooming, but I am still so excited that it is growing. Here is a pic from a few weeks ago that I posted on my blog. It is supposed to be a double purple flower, but from the many articles I have read, I guess you can not predict what you will get from seed. I still hope this isn't the case because I really like the double purple flowers.

I have got quite a few plants in bloom right now, a couple lipstick plants, a few African Violets and an Azalea. I choose to show off my AV. It is one of few named AV's that I have. I received this from an elderly lady that grew the most beautiful AV's. She told me the name of this one was "Very Berry". It is so different from the rest of my AV's in that the flower almost seems made of wax.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Welcome aboard Green Thumb Sunday and congrats for finding your way through the html junk that can be a bit daunting.

Quite ambitious growing Brugmansia from seed. You'll be rewarded with stunning blooms and great night time fragrance. Look out for slugs and snails, of you have them out your way. A copper strip on the trunk seems to do the trick in my clients' gardens.

I'll poke around you blog a bit more and put a link on my site for others to share.

No Rain said...

Welcome to Green Thumb Sunday. I didn't see you on the GTS blogroll yesterday, so I'm late in commenting. I've never had Brugmansia--actually I don't have a lot of houseplants since our climate is such that I can grow practically anything outside. Good luck on the seedlings.
Happy belated GTS,