Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weird green lipstick plant flower......Aeschynanthus Longicaulis

Every plant lover knows that once you have a plant that is going to flower or going to seed, you have to check it every day, and if your a little neurotic like me, several times a day. I was getting my third cup of coffee when it hit me to check my plant formerly known as a black pagoda lipstick plant (It is now known as Aeschynanthus Longicaulis). The flower opened!! YaY!! Well because I thought it to be something else I have been expecting orange and yellow flowers, not these weird green flowers.So the whole flower is open now, and I admit, it's not the prettiest flower out there, but is it ever different. I can't think of many plants that have green flowers, so I am not accustomed to seeing them. The whole plant is covered in buds now, there must be at least 30 buds.I don't think it is a flashy plant like some of the other plants in this species. Unless you knew what you were looking for, the flowers could almost go unnoticed. They blend in quite well with the foliage. I showed my five year old daughter this morning (she loves plants too, and can name most of mine) she was not impressed. There was no "Mommy that's so pretty" "Can I smell it?", she didn't even show interest, normally she would. Her comment was "that's not very nice".
Still, I feel a sense of accomplishment that my plant has honored me with flowers. Unless of course it hates me and is trying to flower because I am killing it.........that can happen too. I am really happy that I have this plant in my collection, as it is totally unique and quite a sight to see.

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