Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pointsettia & Crown of Thorns Blooming!

I have never really paid any attention whatsoever to Pointsettia's and I want to emphasize this. I knew what they were, but that was about all. Pft.....I thought people bought them for the ignorant I can The foliage turns color once day hours are cut back, and I must say the foliage is stunning! I remember the big red and green point's you see at everyone's home around Christmastime, but I had no idea there were cultivars. There are purple ones, white ones, pink ones, and multi colored points. I guess they still get flowers, mine has little buds, but they are not what the plant is grown for. Well, needless to say, I had to get just one, I admit they still don't peak my interest as much as my hoyas, but I had to try. I have no idea if it will last until next season but hopefully I keep learning, and I will be writing about next year. Here's the pic.One of my constant bloomers is my Crown of Thorns....Euphorbia milli. Again this isn't a plant I had a lot of interest in, but I had to have just one, because I do like them. I bought them out of bloom because they were cheap and split them up. Both pots sat in South windows, but the one upstairs was slower at flowering......possibly because that would have been the pot I transplanted to. But since it started blooming, it has not stopped either. It is a cute little plant. It seem to lose it lower leaves quite regularly, but it continues to grow upwards. Since getting it early in the summer, it has put on at least four inches, and will probably have to be cut back in the spring.

And last but not least I am glad to see that my hoyas and gessies are still continuing to grow even though we are getting about 10 hours of light a day right now......I have had the lights set up since late summer. I hope all my plants can keep me going through the cold winter.

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mr_subjunctive said...

You know, everybody at work told me that I would come to hate points almost immediately, but I actually am coming to kind of like them a little. It drives me nuts that they're so brittle, though.

Well, that, and: I never know whether to water them or not, and always (I suspect) get to it too late.