Friday, December 21, 2007

"Thor Livia" & random bloomer's

When I got my gold flowering schlum, "Thor Alex", I also got a cutting of "Thor Livia". It was an unrooted cutting, so I probably should not have let it bloom, but you know how hard it is to remove a bud before it opens. Well, it bloomed yesterday, but before I could even start my day, a migraine from hell ended it. I finally took pics today, but I have noticed the cutting has started to wilt, so I quickly pulled the bud off. All I wanted was a I was kind of surprised as to how pure white this flower is. Other than a faint, thin ring of light pink in the throat, the whole flower is pure snow white, with no other hint of color. It really is a stunning flower. Hopefully it will come through alright.

"Thor Livia"

I have been trying to pollinate my schlums as they bloom. It hasn't worked so far......all my flowers wilt and dry, but they eventually fall off. I am assuming that if the pollination took, the flower/fruit would stay firm to the plant. I was also given a tip to wait until the stigma was open before attempting pollination. The pic below shows the stigma open and ready for pollination.

I caught this little guy blooming in the corner behind a larger plant. It's always a nice little surprise to see flowers, especially when I don't see the buds and I haven't been anticipating it at all.

And again this ugly green little flower. Aeschynanthus Longicaulis. This flower is not on the mother plant, it is in a small dixie cup under fluorescent lights in a humidity dome. I have three separate plants from the same mother, and even under totally different conditions, they all bloomed at the same time.

This reminded me that my other lipstick plant (aeschynanthus radicans/lobbianus **again the name crap**) had one bud on it. Yes, you read that right...ONE. This is a beautiful full plant, that gets almost full sun throughout the whole year. The foliage is so pretty. It has tried to flower a couple times before, but long before I got any flowers, the buds would fall off. I have searched this plant up and down, because c' bud, you have got to be kidding me. But sadly it is true. I am not holding my breath on this one, this is one plant that is just dAmN stubborn when it comes to flowering.

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