Monday, December 10, 2007

Rooting Hoya Leaves & some Hoya closeups &Brug Seedling

There is mixed controversy as to whether or not one can successfully root a hoya from a leaf, and then actually have growth above the soil I have quite a few hoya's so I figured why not try it out. I have tried Lacunosa, Carnosa, Kentiana/Wayetti although the Lacunosa seems to yellow and die quite quickly.
The only leaves that have rooted are two Hoya carnosa. Hopefully one year I will see new growth. The Kentiana leaf has not rooted, although it hasn't died.
I have also noticed quite a bit new growth on my hoya's since putting in florescent lights in my growing corner. I has to take a few close up pics, because I think the new growth is so beautiful. The last thing I want to mention today is in regards to my Brugmansia seedling. I ordered these from eBay after seeing one in a hydroponics store. It was in flower when I noticed it and I could not believe how big the flowers were. I was then told to smell them, and WOW!! It was very heavily scented but it was not overpowering. It smelled like a very mild perfume. My Brug's should have a double purple flower. I am not too sure how long they take from seedling to flower, I will have to google it later. Originally I had planted 6 seeds, but only 4 came up.

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