Monday, December 10, 2007

Episcia, Pink Variegated AV Babies, Goldfish Flower

My goldfish plant (Nematanthus) has it's first open flower. The rest of the plant is still in bud.....I hope so badly the buds won't blast and fall off. If they don't this little guy is going to have a ton of flowers. This goldfish plant was put under HID lights, which may be part of the reason it flowered, unless it is just that time of year for them, although I have 2 other goldfish plants, one is variegated, that are not in any way showing buds.I have grown AV's for a while now, and I have about 60 babies on the go in various different stages. I have a few leaves put down, and today I was checking for signs of babies, and I found some! I don't have many variegated AV's and I haven't put down leaves for many either. This is the first babies I have seen that are pink. They are so cute.So I got a few cuttings of some Episcia a couple months ago. I thought I had only two varieties, but now I noticed that I have three, and I didn't notice the whole time. I have never seen one of these in flower in person, only pic's of others. I know they like quite a bit humidity so I keep them in humidity domes. So far so good. Even my pink one has not lost it's color, but it is also under florescent lights by an East window.I realized when I went to add my photo's that my pink episcia has grown quite a bit since I last noticed. There are a couple new leaves, and I have only had them for a couple months. So the next two pics are the same plant taken a few weeks apart.


mr_subjunctive said...

For what it's worth, the Nematanthus at work are flowering also. So it could be that time of year, though I think they were flowering a few months ago when I started working there, too, so maybe they flower every so often regardless of season.

Tracy said...

Maybe, I am not sure what or if anything triggers flowering.