Monday, December 17, 2007

Official Death of Space Violet

Well it's official. My space violet is dead. By the time I noticed the rot, it must have been to late. I took of all the rot and re potted the crown, and now the whole thing has rotted. I took a couple good leaves in hopes that they give me some babies. It again might be too late, they still don't look the healthiest. This is the first AV that I have lost to I am blaming it on the soil mix it was in. I have gotten quite a few plants from a particular nursery, and I have just begun to notice that the soil mix they use is almost like a sponge. It must work in the greenhouse, just not in the average home. Note to self: Always re pot plants from big box store or nurseries.

As I was putzing around with my plants today, I found the flower that fell of my Longicaulis. This in turn made me check the plant to see if I had any more blooms. I caught one flower just about open. It really turned into a nice picture.

I was checking blogs today on Green Thumb Sunday, and came across a beautiful plant. I have heard about them before, but like many other plants, I never bothered to look it up. It was a bougainvillea. It is one of these plants that are grown for the colorful bracts, not the flowers, which are quite small I guess. I immediately thought about my poinsettia, which is grown for the bracts as well. This whole flower bract thing is quite new to me......I might have to find myself a bougainvillea and see what all the fuss is about.

Many of my AV babies are nearing their first bloom. I did not label most of them, as they are not named varieties, so I am interested to see what pops up. I am finding that it is easier to work on the symmetry with African violets started from leaves.

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