Monday, December 10, 2007

Monstera Deliciosa, Schlums, KQ

My hubby loves Aroids, the more primal and jungle-y, the better. I have come to appreciate them, but they are not one of my favorite plants. We notices a leaf unfurling the other day and we noticed that this one had more splits in it then we have ever seen.It is just amazing how each plant can grow so uniquely. I hope the rest of the leaves on this plant continue to get more splits. I am very interested to see how large these can get. I have seen one that is humongous, the aerial roots on it must be ten feet in some places. It really is a sight to see.
I don't know a lot about Schlum's and their growth tendencies but boy am I mad at This is the first time I have ever grown them but since bringing them home from the store they have dropped all their buds. A few large buds opened for me at home, but the rest........gone.....what else is new? I know they need either darkness or cold to bloom, but I am still wondering if they will produce new buds as we only have about 10 hours of sunlight here right now. Obviously they are not focusing on buds right now as they are all putting on new segment growth.I don't really have a lot to say about my Hoya Krimson queen, but I just love the foliage especially the pink/white leaves and I had to take a pic.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hey Tracy,

Cool plants you got here. Your Hoya looks way better than mine does. I've had the same vines and leafs for about a year now. It is one of those plants that I just can't do right by. But I love it and I'm thinking of giving it away and getting a new one when I see the spring shipments at HD

Tracy said...

mrbrownthumb, I am honored that you read my blog, I have been reading yours for a while but never thought of doing one myself. Thanks so much for dropping by.