Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Goldfish plant......I think there are two in there!!

As I was admiring my one single flower on my goldfish plant I noticed that only some of the leaves appear red underneath. Then, of course, I hit the flower and it falls off. Let me tell you in my house lately if I can get a plant to flower, I normally knock the flower off too. I think me and my plants need some space......lol.

Anyways, I got to really looking at my plant, and I noticed two that there might be 2 different cultivars in the one pot. I checked the branches and none of them are joined except for below the soil. Since I had already knocked the flower off, I picked a few leaves for comparison and I am going to post on GW in hopes that someone can answer my question. Do I have two types of Nematanthus in one pot??I can't wait to find out.....I might need to wait until the other flowers but sooner or later I will know for sure. I know in this pic the flower looks yellow, but the color is more like the orange in the above photo. It is hard to get true colors on camera.


kate said...

It does look as if you do have two different plants. Your blog is interesting - full of good information!

Tracy said...

Thanks for reading. I am trying to get them identified, but it seems harder than I thought.


Columnea x BANKSII is one of the most tolerant. Its dark green leaves are smooth and almost succulent. Several species of columnea are available, but not all are easy to grow as houseplants.
nematanthus-goldfish-plant CARE PROPAGATION AND PICTURE