Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back Pagoda & More Hoya Flowers & a Peduncle!

I love Spring & Summer so much, except for the bugs. Everything seems to bloom and flower, and there is always something so colorful to find and examine and admire.

To make a long story short (see here & here & here) the above pic is supposed to be an Aeschynanthus "Black Pagoda" hybrid. I am still a little hesitant, but it's still the coolest flower for miles around. It has no scent at all, but it doesn't need it at all, it completely steals the show.

I got a cutting of a hoya polyneura (fishtail hoya) in a recent hoya round robin. It has since rooted really well, and even looks like it might be growing 2 new peduncles!! To some it sounds weird....lol, but to a hoya nut, it's a PeDuNcLe!!! YAY!!

The above hoya lacunosa had some major temper tantrums over the past couple years involving bud blast (see here & here). Now that it has started to flower, it hasn't stopped. It keeps growing new peduncles and more and more are starting to actually make it to bloom. A couple days ago I counted eight open umbels of flowers. The smell still doesn't fill the room like I expected it too, but it is quite strong smelling reminiscent of lilacs. Which reminds me, I have a couple umbels of flowers open on my hoya carnosa; those flowers are very strong either, but those couple can fill my living room at times in the late evening.

This pic is a close up of the hoya lacunosa that is flowering right now. I hadn't realized until a little while ago looking at the pic, that one of the flowers hasn't quite finished opening in the pic, and kind of reminds me of my yellow heuschkeliana flowers.I still can't get a decent close up of these flowers yet.....I have read somewhere that white/light flowers are harder to photograph than others. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


No Rain said...

Hi Tracy,
How many varieties of Hoya do you have? I think you have more Hoya than I do cacti!

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey Tracy,

Had a few moments and wanted to stop by and see how your blog was doing and say thanks for commenting on mine. That last pic is awesome and looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

Tracy said...

Thanks for dropping by......glad to see you again Mr BT. Hoya's......I think I have close to 50 different varieties.....the more common ones. I am trying working on getting the less common ones. Plants make for some really cool photos sometimes. It's amazing what we can see with digital camera's.

I hope to be spending a bit more time on my blog over the next couple days off. I have been so busy with work lately that everything else is being neglected.

Hemraj said...

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