Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hoya Heuschkeliana Flowers & Hoya Ciliata Leafless Cutting update

This is one of the hoya's I got in the DL order. It is the yellow flowered (obviously) hoya heuschkeliana. This is such a cute flower. Pictures definitely make this one look a lot larger than it is in real life. Kudos to the people on the net that have photos of this one. I found it really hard to photograph, and I just don't think my cam can get too much closer. My cam is only 6 months old, and already I need a new

This one has the most amazing fragrance to it. It smells like buttered caramel popcorn. I have found that all my hoya's smell way stronger at night. It's a wonderful thing since I work until eleven most nights, so when I get home, all my hoya's smell amazing!

I was checking all my cuttings I received in my DL order and all of them look awesome. I think they are ready to come out of the bag soon. I have opened all the bags to start getting them accustomed to my environment at home. I saw the greatest thing when I was checking hoya ciliata that lost all it's leaves when I got it, has roots. Not only has it rooted, there is a little branch starting to grow. I haven't gotten a pic yet, but I will. There is truth to the notion that leafless cuttings can root. I had read that without the leaves, the cutting would die, but that is not all that
true. This has completely rooted sans leaves, and has new growth in the form of a a month or so, it should have a leaf!!


No Rain said...

Hi Tracy,
I keep checking back to see if you've posted, and I was in luck tonight!
The yellow hoya is beautiful, and it sort of looks like buttered caramel popcorn!
How come there is plastic sheeting around the pots?

Tracy said...

The plastic is the baggies they are in. They are fairly new cuttings.

Life has been so busy lately, I took a second job, and dropped that really fast, just way too much for I miss my plants and blog so much. I am really going to try and post a lot more often.