Saturday, May 3, 2008

Easter Cactus blooming like crazy

Lately I have been so busy with so many things that my poor plants are getting neglected, and my blog has been getting neglected even more. Every day when I am checking out my plants, I think about my blog. When I check my email, I think of my blog. When I take a picture, I think about my blog. I have got to start writing more often on my blog, especially since it is the perfect plant journal. Normally I love to write in my blog, but life has gotten in the way.

For the past little while, I find I am liking epiphytic cacti, and epiphytes in generalh more and more. I don't see them for sale very much but I am always keeping an eye out. It must be due to Mother's day because I have been seeing a lot of Easter
cacti (Hatiora).

The flowers on these are quite different from their schlum cousins. I am already finding them to be a bit prissy. One is wilting and I am not sure why. I have also read that to get them to flower, they need a cold period, rather than short days like their cousins.

I am really hoping they do well, because I really like the flowers. Obviously if I can't keep them thriving, I wouldn't buy them again. You can read about the basic care of Easter cacti here.

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Anonymous said...

easter cacti are very easy, just know that even though the are classified as a "succulent" they need lots of water. Don't over water them, but they like the soil to be moist at all times :) they really are an easy plant to grow, give em a safe spot water em and they are pretty much all set!