Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hoya Order with Dave Liddle

I have been spending less time on my blog lately. I have had a few glitches over the past couple weeks with my computer, and with my pictures, The fact that I am working too, makes it even harder.

So, it is that time of the year, when plant addicts start buying more plants, and trading cuttings or seed. It is also that time of year when a bunch of people (hoya lovers) get together and place an order with DL, a hoya grower in Australia, that way the group can split on the cost of the phyto certificate,

I got news today from DL, he told me the box of cuttings was sent out on the 23rd of April, they will all go to a woman in BC who in turn will separate the order, and start mailing it out to the dozen or so people that placed an order.

When I contacted DL today, I was told that he was able to give me cuttings I asked for, he didn't need to substitute any of them. Below is the list of Hoya's I ordered. Each one is linked to a picture of itself.

IML 0112 Dischorensis
IML 0965 Caudata
IML 0390 Ciliata (eriostemma)
IML 0713 Erythrostemma
IML 0904 Heuschkeliana
IML 0056 Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple
IML 0268 Pubicalyx Red buttons
IML 0270 Vitiensis
IML 0768 Mindorensis
IML 0728 Purpureo Fusca
IML 0229 Subcalva
IML 1418 Aldrichii

In addition to this order from Australia, I am also going to participate in a hoya round robin. The concept is that there is a box or two of hoya cuttings, when you take a cutting or two or three, you have to replace it with cuttings from your own plants. As soon as you have chosen which cuttings you want, send the off to the next person on the list. The only cost in this event is the shipping, which isn't much more than ten dollars, if that.

I am so happy that I participated in both the Australian order and the round robin, I will be posting pics as soon as I get them, which should be this week!! YAY!!

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No Rain said...

Your hoya round robin sounds interesting! You'll have to show your choices.