Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm back!!! With lots of Blooming African Violets!!

OMG! The past three weeks have been horrible without internet. I have missed so many posts from my numerous favorite blogs, and missed so many threads from the forums I frequent. I am going to need a week just to catch up. I am so glad to be back and posting again, and I am so glad to be back in the World Wide Web.

So many of my plants are starting to take off again, while many others are starting to form buds. It's starting to feel like Spring, despite the dump of snow we just had yesterday.

I have never had so many African Violets in bloom before. I think I have at least ten of them throwing flowers out right now. Some of them I have never seen before, and didn't even realize how pretty they were going to be. The African Violets in the above pic and the pic below were birthday presents from my family. I can't take any credit for these ones, but the rest I

This purple AV is one that I have never seen before. I planted the leaf almost 11 months ago. This is it's first bloom. It's color is more the dark violet/blue color that I see in many other AV's. I dis budded this one because I am going to try and grow a few of my AV's on a "show" schedule, with hopes of lots of blooms all at once, like you often see in AV shows. I would think even the everyday violets we all see in the stores are grown with a similar technique, so that when it is time, they have a ton of blooms. The ones I have grown from leaf are putting out flowers, but only a few, I want to get the "Oh Wow!" effect.

These fantasy violets are constantly flowering, it is quite a reliable bloomer. It isn't one I get tired of seeing either. I favor bi-colored and fantasy AV's, quite honestly if they aren't semi-double, or double (blooms), or bi-colored in some way, they barely get my attention. Kind of like how I feel about the AV in the above pic, it's okay, but it's so plain. As the collection grows, some plants have to make the Impress me, or I am giving you away.

The last pic has also become a very reliable bloomer, almost too much so. I had laid a leaf or two of this last year. Now that everything from that time period is starting to bloom, I seem too have way too many of these guys. I have seven or eight blooming right now, and I have given away close to thirty (though not all of them were this particular type). It's starting to get a bit

I have more Av's blooming right now that I will post pics of. I also have quite a few other plants that are budding or are in the process of flowering. I shouldn't run out of things to write about for a while......since I am still going through internet withdrawal, I'll be sticking around this time. LOL.

Thanks to everyone that inquired about my absence, I will be reading a lot of blogs over the next few days, I am so eager to see what I missed.


Jordan said...

Welcome back, Tracy! Your African Violets are beautiful! I'm looking forward to reading your new posts again!

No Rain said...

Yay! You're back! I was afraid you were another blogger burn-out. After awhile, that's what happens to so many folks and they just quit. Technical difficulties are another thing. More frustrating, but usually curable.
You AFs are gorgeous. The white one is fantastic!

mr_subjunctive said...

Agree with the previous posters on all counts. We have some ruffly-flowering AVs at work, but nothing that's as frilly as the white one in the second photo. Welcome back.

Tracy said...

I am glad to be back.....I switched isp's, and it just became this long drawn out ordeal. And top it all off, I couldnt get the internet, and are still having phone probs. I don't care too much about the phone, but losing the internet for a few weeks, felt like the end of my

I know what you mean about the burnout.....I have burnt myself out before, and yes, so many things get neglected. So far, my blogging is still an escape, as are my plants. I try to remind myself all the time that it needs to remain a hobby, not turn in to a chore.

I have never seen an AV as frilly as this one either, but I think it is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous plants, I especially like the purple and whites.