Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's a Hoya Miracle!! Lacunosa & Carnosa

I think hell froze over, and I swear some pigs flew by my window. I think the flying pigs were attracted by the scent of my hoya lacunosa.......the one that has been blasting buds for months and months and months. I had almost given up hope on this one. There must be at least 20 peduncles on it now, and it still is forming buds and blasting them. One umbel has finally opened up, and one more looks like it might as well.
I have questioned many folks on various forums as to why this had been happening. There was a few thoughts......maybe it was going too dry.......staying goo wet?? Maybe the plant itself was not mature was frustrating, there was not a definite answer,

Over the past few months I have been very overbearing with this is in a 4 inch pot with a really loose mix, and I have been watering every couple days, even if I thought it was too much. I did start seeing the buds get bigger and more mature, but they still had never reached the actual flowering phase.

The flowers on this one are so dainty and cute. After they split open, the petals fold back, giving it a round look. It opens as a 5 sided star, but because they fold back it doesn't look the average hoya. I am quite amazed with most hoya flowers. The open as a perfect star, and on that star is another perfect star. Some you can see another star on the other two stars. Even the back of the flower has a perfect star.

And last but not least, my hoya carnosa is flowering as well, They look like they are going to split open soon.


Jordan said...

Congratulations on your new hoya flowers! They look so pretty! So far I have not been able to get the few hoya's I have to bloom. However, that won't stop me from buying more...I need to purchase some more hoya's one of these days!

No Rain said...

These flowers are beautiful. They just look like little hairy wax balls! I really need to order hoya. No nursery I've been in here in AZ has any. I really wonder why.

Tracy said...

ok you two, i can't believe you don't have a hoya, i will send you a couple, everyone should have at least one. They are such a cool plant.....i have vines on some of mine that suspend in mid air reaching to find something to cling on, I am just amazed every time I see that. AND the flowers......they are just beyond words, how does nature do it? They don't even seem real.
Email me if either of you want a couple cuttings, I am going to snip a few here soon, so it isn't a big deal.

My carnosa has a couple umbels of flowers open now, and they are just breath taking, I can't help but to be drawn them many times a day for a quick sniff, or just to admire the flowers some more.