Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeding the Geese

We took a walk to the local dog park / duck pond and spent a while feeding the geese this past weekend. We saw a couple species of ducks but mostly geese.

The geese, not the seagulls were not scared at all. They were close enough to take the bread right from my girls hands.

My youngest even tried making one do a trick, being so used to having dogs around that can do tricks. It was so natural of her to try it, it was so funny. If you look close the oldest is

Who can't say they never tried to get bread onto the backs of Imagine our surprise when she did it!

We never expected to see baby goslings (Hope that's the It was so cool to see, they were only feet from the edge of the pond.

They were so close.

Awwww.....they are just so sweet and innocent looking. So un-goose-ish.

If only I could have reached out and grabbed one.....just for a few seconds. Then let go and run after mama goose starts

I think we might have to do this again real soon. Yeah, yeah I took some plant shots, but these were so much cuter. Outside plant shots......soon to come.


Water Roots said...

Oh how sweet. The babies are absolutely adorable. I love these birds, especially the sentimental part: they mate for life! Every year I look forward to watching them fly in and out of my city in that famous V-shape of theirs during the fall (when they leave) and spring (when they return). And all that happy honking as they fly by stirs a certain type of joy in me that I can't even explain. I point the geese out to my girls when I spot them - so we can witness the beautiful flight together. I hope that when they grow up and have their own children, they'll want to share moments like these with them. So cute…thanks for sharing that moment!

No Rain said...

The babies are adorable. I loved your description--"so un-goose-ish."