Friday, October 31, 2008

Trees, trees, trees!

Everything is littered with red and orange is really pretty.

This is my other favorite tree, I see it outside all the time. Even when the tree wasn't losing all its leaves. There is some kind of climbing plant holding on to the stump. I am thinking Virginia creeper, or clematis.......I'll have to look it up because I don't think these turn red. Anyways, I just like this tree, and the vine growing up it.

Alberta didn"t have such an array of color when Autumn arrived. Here in NS, the fall colors are bold and varied. Some of these trees are bigger than anything I have seen in life.

I think the vivid colors are amazing........reds, golds and

This one of my favorite pictures(pic above) The oranges, greens and the blue sky.

Even on the ground, things are turning colors.......It is just a beautiful sight


Signe said...

Wonderful pictures. The colors are fantastic.

Aiyana said...

Great photos. I'm glad I checked back to see if you were posting at all anymore, and noticed your new post.

Cherb said...

Nova Scotia is lovely in the fall. This year particularly has been colouriffic. Really beautiful. All of our leaves here in Cape Breton are gone now, however. :(

blooms said...

Beautiful autumn photos. I love trees in autumn, everything is just so colorful.