Sunday, March 2, 2008

Purple Flowers Bloomin' in my House!

What a wonderful surprise I got today. I checked in on my Datura's, and one of the flowers was in the process of opening. And yay, because they are the double purple flowers I had hoped for. This might possibly be the most spectacular flower I have ever seen.

So from seed to flower, it only took approx 4 or 5 months, which is totally amazing to me. I can't wait to put these babies outside, and show them off to the whole I have some double yellow datura seeds laid, so hopefully in a few months, I will have more. They are just amazing! And yes, there is a faint aroma from this's a floral, I can't really describe it much more than that, as I don't normally like floral smells. But this is faint, so I can appreciate it when I want to by sticking my nose in the flower.

So from the biggest flowers I have ever grown to one of the tiniest, here is a wee little bloom on my Ceropegia Woodii. These flowers are so intricate. The detail of such a small little flower is stunning to me.

I have been trying to catch this one bloom since Christmas (new cam). The hairs on this flower are supposed to trap small flies. Being able to see the flower this close gives it such a different perspective.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

What a gorgeous flower. I don't think I have seen that color before. I always enjoy the flowers I grow from seed a little more than the others.

This is my visit to your blog. What a nice site.

guppyman said...

Purple double angel trumpets! I want em! Beautiful!

mr_subjunctive said...

The Datura is really beautiful. Congratulations!

No Rain said...

That is a Datura that I've never seen before. It is quite stunning. I planted Sacred Datura in the fall, but it's never come up. I was looking forward to the large white flowers.

Sherri said...

I've been growing the double purple bloomed datura (d. metel?) outside for a few years and I agree that they are spectacular. Their scent gets much stronger at night, and some people think they stink!! Not me. I also have a few seeds for a double pale yellow and two different whites, but I haven't much space. Congratulations! You probably already know that they are extremely prolific - their little seed pods produce dozens and dozens of seeds and unless you cut the pods off (and collect the seeds), you'll have daturas springing up everywhere for a few years. At least that's what they're like here.