Monday, November 26, 2007

My Round Humidity Dome & Black Pagoda Buds!!

I wanted to do a little piece on the couple of humidity domes that I keep little plants in to see how they grow. This is my round humidity dome (a cake bottom and dome from a DQ cake). In this one I have a hoya lacunosa, a hoya kentiana (wayetti), a hoya KQ, a lipstick plant, a black pagoda lipstick plant, a goldfish plant (nematanthus), and a couple duplicates. They are all in one inch pots, and I keep it pretty moist in there. I am also kind of watching to see if these plants bloom faster than their parent plant. Small one inch pots should make them root bound faster. So I can see if this has an effect. I took all the cuttings around the same time a few months back, and since then they have been growing very nicely. As you can see in the pics if you click on them and make them bigger, there is a lot of aerial roots on the go in there. Eventually it will look like a mini jungle in there with every plant intertwined.So as I am taking pics of the plants in my humidity dome, I notice something......well......different looking on my black pagoda lipstick plant. Upon further inspection......BUDS!! I have never seen this one flower in person either, so I am excited. Right away I checked the momma plant, and sure enough, it too has buds! YAY! So maybe from the diminishing daylight hours.......although I can't even really be sure. The momma plant is in an east window, and goes quite dry, well bone dry before I water it again (I have under watering and the plants in the humidity dome, well they are obviously kept very moist, and they are under a couple fluorescent lights. So I don't know how they wound up blooming at the same time, other than the season, because they have no other factors in common.
So my luck lately with flowers are that they are blasting before they ever bloom. So I get to see buds, but no flowers. Just recently this has been re occurring with my hoya lacunosa and my other lipstick plant, so I won't hold my breath on this one either, but it sure would be a beautiful thing to see.

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