Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Post.....what to write

Well, I have never had a blog before, but it seems like quite a cool idea to keep it more as a plant journal than anything. My life is pretty boring, which I am kind of thankful for, and my plants keep me sane......really they do. When I need a moment to myself, I run to my plants. I guess I will start by telling a bit more about the kinds of plants I grow. My absolute favorite plant in the world is the Hoya. Whatever hoya it may be, I love it......well that isn't true (some I love less than others) but all in all I think they are the most unique and beautiful plants, not only for their flowers, which are totally unreal, but the foliage is amazing as well. I would say my hoya collection has become a hoya addiction......but c'mon, it's a healthy addiction.
Here is a pic of my hoya lacunosa forming buds. They keep blasting on me, but there are a few on the go, so hopefully one will make it to blooming soon. Now for some that have never seen a hoya in flower, they are spectacular!! Breathtaking!! Here is a pic of a hoya pubicalyx, gives an idea as to what they look like. Of course there are so many types of hoyas, so I cant obviously place pics of them all in here, but here is one of my fav's.
Now, enough of hoya's for now.......the other plants I grow. My second favorite group of plants I grow are gesneriads. This includes aeschynanthus (lipstick plants), nematanthus, columnea, episcia, streptocarpus, and of course the ever popular African Violet. Now most of the time I prefer succulent-y foliage, but this group of plants can vary, alot of them have more textured or hairier leaves. But the foliage can be amazing, wild colors, wild designs, and the flowers again are spectacular!! Here is a pic of an episcia that I have. It is still just a small plant, as I just received it as a cutting from a really nice person!
Here is a pic of a Space Violet Bloom. The history about the space violets in a nutshell......NASA sent some seeds to space for a few years.....when they returned to earth, the AV's that came from these particular seeds had special traits. They were larger, ever blooming. The whole story can be found here... there are various other types of plants I love......pothos (these are just the coolest plants, everyone should have at least one), philodendrons, schlumbergera, dischidia, ceropegia......and the list goes on. I can introduce other plants later, because listing them all would just be a whole project in itself. So I will end this post with a cool pic of one of my schlum's (thanksgiving cactus). And hopefully, I can really commit to keeping this plant journal alive!!

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