Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring has sprung outside and in my house!

After dissapearing from the blog scene for a while......I am back.  Nothing was really happening in my plant world, and life got pretty busy there for a while.  I moved again into a more permanent house, and my plants love it!  After watching them all do nothing or die for months, it has been nice to see them take off in this new house.  The lighting in this place is close to perfect, its almost like having a sunroom.

Quince Tree

Hoya Carnosa

So here's a few pic's of everything that is starting to bloom.....some in the house, some outside.  Spring in the maritimes is just the most beautifu season I have ever seen.....much different than out West.

This is the first time I have ever seen one of these bugs in my life......needless to say, I stayed in that night.....it died on my steps, and was pretty nasty to wake up to.  I am told it's a June bug......it definetely looks like it crawled up from hell and onto my screen door.  I didnt know what the hell I was looking at when I saw it.....thought I was hallucinating little devil bugs.....lol.

African Violet


African Violet

Quince tree flowers

Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Meliflua



Congrats on the house. It's a dream of mine to put something in the ground permanant like. Most of my stuff is in pots. I share your excitement of seeing the blooms and new growth. The bugs.... not so much.

Chicago Garden said...

Congrats on moving to the new place.

Aren't those June bug hideous? You just reminded me that there was a kid in my neighborhood nicknamed June bug because he was so ugly.


PainChaud said...

Those bugs you mentioned..we get swarms of they at night here in June..hence they are called June bugs =) eww

erik said...

Spring is the month of new growth, everything is just beautiful in this garden.

mike said...

Such an amazing garden, great job.