Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wildflowers around Amherst

So this is where I am now, across the country from where I was originally. I spent close to $400 shipping hoya's and plants across the country.....I know crazy, but I love I think I can finally start getting back to my plants again after a bit of a hiatus.

It's a beautiful place here, I went from a zone 2 to like a zone 5.....what an incredible variety of plants I can grow now The wildflowers that grow around here are amazing! I think the pic above is of morning glory......let me know if I am wrong someone.......I need some id's on these ones.

I am not sure what the above yellow flowers are, but they are everywhere, and they are quite rampant. I think they are just beautiful. Anyone have an id??

These pink and white flowers are everywhere too, and ants seem to love them. Again I don't have an id, but I sure do think they are pretty. I am amazed at the flowers that grow wild here.

These couple pics of the yellow flowers are again nameless for now to me. They are quite big, and they make a nice little bouquet of flowers for kids to pick and bring They are growing wild everywhere too. The sides of the road are scattered with yellow and purple flowers. It is just a beautiful part of the country.

Even the odd things you can find on a walk in the woods here are amazing. Here is an old tree house many many years old we found out back of the house. It is overgrown and broken, but still a beautiful sight to see on a summer day's walk.


CherB said...

Hey. I live in Nova Scotia too! I lurk on a few plant blogs. The wild plants you have there appear to me to be in the order that you posted them: possibly convulvulus arvensis (field bindweed, considered a noxious weed just about everywhere), linaria vulgaris (butter and eggs), a spirea species of some sort, a rudbeckia hirta (they're all over the place in Nova Scotia). Nice pictures, and welcome to the east coast! :D I'm a transplant from Ontario myself.

chey said...

I'm in Nova Scotia as well! Those butter and eggs grow everywhere here. You have a great blog!

Queen Goob said...

So funny how we call the same flower a different name depending on where we live. Flower one – Morning Glory (mine grow wild in our back yard and are a most vibrant shade of purple.) Flower two, we call these snap dragons and plant them in our gardens in February and March as they can’t take the heat of the summer here in Florida. Flower three……I have no idea, must be a northern thing, and finally, flower four looks to be a black-eyed susan.

I enjoyed your blog and like you, haven’t found the time here lately to keep mine up.